Work Experience – Personal Development

I’ve been working with different types of technologies throughout the years, and after almost 12 years. I have saved most of my academic and professional work, since my very first LAMP professional job. This page tries to index all the related work categorized by years and programming languages used. However, nothing was more fun to own a video game “lan-house” business when I was just 13 through I was 15. Everything switched to computers when my brothers and I got our first computer.

  • 2010: Open-Source
  • 2009: SFSU, CollabNet, Open-Source
  • 2008: SFSU, Open-Source
  • 2007: CollabNet, Open-Source
  • 2006: Shopila, TownConnections, Open-Source
  • 2005: Motorola BTC, Shopila, Open-Source
  • 2004: Motorola BTC, Open-Source
  • 2003: UFCG
  • 2002: UFAL
  • 2001: UFAL, Classi-A
  • 2000: Classi-A, UFAL
  • 1999: UFAL
  • 1998: CESMAC
  • 1995: Twice Games
  • 1994: Twice Games
  • 1993: Twice Games (Started family-owned company)
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